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Powerful Protection solution for your applications
Protect your Codes, Algorithm, data assets & resource inside Out with multiple layers encryption technology

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Virbox Protector support developer to protect:

Highly Secured In App shielding Solution to developers

Key Feature

Tips: Feature available based on the type of application to be protected


Virbox Protectors utilize/integrate multiple layers secure code hardening/app shielding technolgoy, defending mobile application to against:

The Static analysis/attack by decompiler/de-assembler, to get the source code; to steal your code logic, algorithm; your Intelligence Property; etc.

The Dynamic analysis/attack in Runtimeby debug tool and illegal invasion in runtime environment, tampering, repacakging.

Code Protection/hardening

Virtualization,obfuscation,String encryption,SDK labeling

Fine grained protection to specific code with functions protection features;

To Prevent project (exe, Dll, so, dylibs, JAR, WAR, Class) being cracked by decompiler/de assembiler

General protection to project code Compression, hide symbol table, Dex Encryption, Signature Check

Cross platform & Hybrid environment support

Protect multiple type of application: exe, Dll, so, dylibs, JAR, WAR, Class), Java SDK, Unity3D/UE4, C# assembly, il2cpp, Resource protection;

Cross Platform & Hybrid environment: Windows, Linux, ARM linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, .NET core, .NET frame. Website, VM, Dock environment;

App Shielding

Runtime Application Self-Protection capability, Defending against dynamic analysis and attack in runtime environment:

Memory Protection: Anti Memory Dump and Memory access detection

Code Integrity Protection: Detect code injection and other tampering threaten to prevent app from debugging and adding hooker

Untrusted Environment Detection: Detect Jailbroken/Rooted device/Emulator and Multi Parallel Mod

Encryption/Protection: Exe Native Library, Data asset and resource, HTML5 and other scripting language

The Benefit to Developer

Virbox Protector

Easy to use and flexible for Project building & integration

Friendly GUI interface, easy to pickup to complete code hardening/app shielding process by "Click to Set", CLI tools, rich parameter configuration & setting for project building and integration.

Fix and affordable pricing Policy

Unlikely with SaaS solution, It doesn't set the limtation/restrcition to developer according to: app size, number of app protected, version released, monthly activated device/user etc.

The protection Comparison: before/after

  • All Applications protection
  • PE & .NET application
  • Unity3D applications
  • Java applications

Why Virbox Protector

10,000+ Developer select Virbox Products, protect & safeguard 50,000+ applications

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